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Portfolio: Web content

I'm both a content designer and a marketing/brand copywriter, so I work with a user-centred design approach to create streamlined user journeys and UX copy that helps people get smoothly to their destinations, while shaping the brand and creating or improving the tone of voice, key messaging, strategy and core proposition.  With my background in web content, marketing and journalism, I find the best solutions for users as well as the brand, business or organisation, while building stakeholder relationships and always engaging my audience.

These are just a few samples. Please get in touch if you'd like to see something specific.

Auterion website


Agency: What's Next

Simultaneous website relaunch and rebrand for this enterprise drone software provider. To help reposition the brand from a start-up to a mature enterprise provider, I worked alongside UX designers to map user journeys and content flow, audited content and worked with stakeholders to write fresh copy and develop the content strategy, tone of voice and key messaging.

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Private Luxury Events

While Head of Content at Private Luxury Events, I led the content design, copywriting and branding/tone of voice for the company's new flagship event and brand, TFest. For the new website, I shaped the messaging, content, brand voice and content strategy, working closely with UX designers and key stakeholders.

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Agencies: It's Not Rocket Science,
Alex Genn Copywriting

I worked alongside a UX designer in a user-centred team to create a new website for market research company Research Without Barriers. I created new messaging, brand voice, content and a fresh user journey tailored to RWB's customers that refined its core proposition.

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Pearson Qualifications

As a senior copywriter/content designer, I helped to relaunch this large, information-rich website. I worked with senior stakeholders to audit, migrate and create content, improve the user experience, create a new tone of voice and streamline user journeys, within a multidisciplinary team

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Screenshot of Pearson Qualifications website
Screenshot of Newham Council website

Newham Council

I was content lead for a huge project some years ago to redevelop and refresh the Newham Council website. Heading a content team of six, I was part project manager, part content designer, part coach/mentor. I built relationships with key stakeholders, created a content plan and strategy, managed a content migration and led the content design of a new site with fresh content and user journeys to improve the user experience.

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